5 Foot 304 Stainless Steel Grill for small to medium sized parties.
       This grill features an All Stainless Steel top and frame. The grill surface (5' by 24" with 2 8"shelves) is heated by 10 (ten) 12,500 BTU burners, each individually controlled. The burners are from front to back so you can control your heat zone. Our grill features a 1" air gap heat safety shield. The grill sits on four stainless steel legs with 5" casters (two stationary and two swivel). Cooking surface 304 stainless steel expanded metal.   At only 250 pounds (remove grates it 175#) grill is easy to move and transport. Available accessories include: a steel griddle top for pancakes and eggs, a 6" deep stainless steel pan for steam table, which sits on the burners for fast heating, and a vinyl weather cover. You can also order a pan that holds charcoal for that old fashion flavor. A removable base is option you can request also. You can also request one shelf instead of two.

Key Benefits  
All 304 Stainless Steel Grill with 304 Stainless Steel Grill surface
Light Weight easy to move and haul in van or pickup
Able to generate searing heat in minutes.
Turn on the grill and begin grilling immediately.

Can add new CHARCOAL PAN option for the old fashion taste listed below.


Description                                                                                           Price
Stainless Steel Grill with 16" Wheels and S/S Shelf $2695.00
Stainless Steel Grill with 16" wheels, S/S Shelf and Roll Dome Hood




6' Stainless Knockdown stackable grill $2595.00
5 Foot Vinyl Cover $149.00  
Steam Table Pan, Liner Pan & Cover $199.00  
5 Foot Griddle for MGI 5' grill 7 gage 2' and 3' available also $199.00
5' Build In Grill or 4' special order $2195.00
Charcoal pan for MGI gas grill $75.00
Charcoal build in unit 60 inches $1795.00        
5' Grill on trailer $3595.00

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